Racing Club

Tanvally Racing Club is a less expensive alternative to racehorse ownership with the emphasis on going to the races and having a fun day socialising with like minded people. Also giving you the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive owner/trainer facilities and come into the paddock to speak to jockey and trainer before the off.

Most people dream of being a race horse owner but are prevented from buying their own racehorse because it is far too expensive. Sarah Dawson at ‘Tanvally Stud’ is making this dream become a reality by offering an alternative.

The concept is simple. Members pay an affordable 12 month subscription fee and in return share the fun and excitement of following the progress of your horse. In addition, the Tanvally Racing Club members get to watch their horse on the gallops, enjoy chats with the trainer and the friendly team at Tanvally Stud and as if that was not enough, an opportunity to go racing and possibly “toast a winner” at events during the 2020 calendar.

We can guarantee you a great time. You will forge friendships with like minded people as you live the dream of racehorse ownership. Joining the Sarah Dawson Racing club also means if prize money is won you will receive a share depending on the percentage of ownership bought. Careful management by Sarah Dawson has kept the cost of membership low and affordable, making the ‘dream become a reality’.